Alginate face mask with lavender

  • Gives an instant lifting effect.
  • Rejuvenates.
  • Saturates the skin with moisture.
  • Smoothes expression lines.

Effect: this mask has a lifting effect along with aromatherapy benefits. The skin becomes hydrated, smooth and soft. Essential oils, serving as natural antiseptics, calm and lift the skin, launching rejuvenation processes. Myoxinol reduces and prevents wrinkles, keeping the skin smooth for a long time.

Result: calm, moisturized and youthful skin.

Skin type: any, especially sensitive, reactive, prone to sagging.

Active ingredients: algin, rosemary leaf powder, lavender oil, lavender petal powder, myoxinol (hibiscus extract).

  1. We recommend to apply a mask ampoule serum in accordance with the desired effect - it will enhance the effect by several times!
  2. Mix 30 g of the mask with 90 ml of warm water (at a comfortable temperature for you), stir the mask until the lumps are completely dissolved (to the consistency of thick sour cream). IMPORTANT: one sachet is designed for one use, because it is the mask applied in a thick layer that will provide the most pronounced result.
  3. Apply the resulting mask with a spatula onto cleansed face skin (including the eyes and neck) in a thick layer. Leave on for 15-20 minutes until it hardens completely. IMPORTANT: after dilution, IMMEDIATELY apply the mask, because it freezes very quickly.
Remove the mask in one layer with a smooth motion from bottom to top. The course of application is 10-15 masks. The recommended frequency of use is 3 times a week.

EAN: 3700705101046

Volume: 5 x 30g

TYPE OF PROBLEM: Lifting and rejuvenation / Wrinkles / Anti-wrinkles

TYPE OF PROBLEM: Pain relieving

TYPE OF SKIN: Any skin

TYPE OF SKIN: Sensitive skin

TYPE OF SKIN: Reactive skin

TYPE OF SKIN: Skin prone to sagging

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